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 Barbara the Dressmaker

Specialist for Made to Measure and Alterations

58 Davies Street, London, W1K 5LP    Phone: 020 7629 3662


Alterations Service for Ladies and Gentlemen



We offer a first-class alterations service from our Central London studio in W1 and are the only dressmaker recommended for alterations by the Ghost Boutique in London's Kings Road.  Whatever the reason, our dressmaker can re-size and re-style most garments personally for you. Everybody is unique. We all have different body shapes, sizes and personalities, therefore your clothing should be individually tailored for you. We can revitalise your clothes which are no longer in style or don't fit comfortably anymore and correct problems in new items which you are unable to return to the supplier. (Bridal Gowns purchased over the internet for instance).


Re-styling, Re-sizing and repairs.





If you want something altered for you, our dressmaking and tailoring skills will not disappoint. We carry out all types of re-styling and re-sizing alterations for ladies and gentlemen and undertake all work whether big or small, from replacing a button to completely re-styling your whole wardrobe. We do all our work to a very high standard and for alterations and re-styling have modern machinery which is able to duplicate most designer finishes.








Don’t worry if you have gained a few pounds or lost some weight during lockdown,

as we can adjust, re-size and recreate your clothes to fit you again in all the right places!


Take a look through your wardrobe – we can put life back into your clothes and change

buttons, alter collars, lift and drop hemlines, take in and let out waists, add a new lining, taper legs, close vents, shorten and lengthen sleeves, replace zips and renew shoulder pads so every item has the perfect look and fit for you.


Any clothing item can be updated to today's designs, so don't discard - Re-style.


Please note that advice regarding the Covid-19 pandemic states it may be necessary for items requiring alterations to be quarantined for 72 hours before we can work on them. Following the lockdown, we are currently getting more appointment enquiries than usual, so if you have an item which needs an alteration for a special occasion, please let us know as soon as you can to avoid any disappointment.


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